Saturday, July 11, 2009

Home Again

We (more than) survived a lovely week of vacation in a beautiful place.  It was glorious to wake up every morning when we wanted and do whatever we wanted--reading, lounging by a pool, walking on the beach.  I so love the beach--every time I go, I feel renewed.  As I sat watching the waves as the sun sank on our final night, I felt (as I do each time) that some small part of my life--the vacation, the past year, or something greater, perhaps--was drawing to a close, and something new and exciting was waiting just over that horizon.  The beach, for me, is possibility personified. More than New Year's, it represents a new beginning. 

I have been keeping up with blogs and recovery stuff sporadically while I was gone, but now that I'm back and feeling all new and potential-filled, I have ideas for several posts roiling around in my head.  Some upcoming attractions:
  • My relationship with my mother, or "possibly the most difficult hurdle in my search for serenity"
  • Setting boundaries as we approach the end of D's probation
  • Communication issues
  • To share or not to share 
  • The perennial issue of my inner codie control freak
Be back soon.

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