Monday, March 16, 2009


1. Spending an entire day yesterday with D, in which neither of us had to study/work/be anywhere or do anything other than what we came up with on the spot. 

2. Ending that day with a fabulous talk in bed, in which we candidly discussed the good things in our lives, and encouraged each other with ideas to deal with the bad ones.  

3. A new best friend who balances out my insecurities perfectly and helps me feel brave enough to overcome them.  

4. A week off and an all-day shopping spree. 

5. Government money that has paid off our car and credit card debt. 

I feel refreshed today, and I think it's partially because it's Spring Break, but also from a bunch of other things.  A friend looked at me on Saturday and pointed out that he could tell I was on break, because I was happy.  He could tell I was not worrying about the next study session or test or whatnot.  I guess sometimes you don't realize just how stressed you are until you aren't.  As a result, I'm going to fully indulge in these few days off and plan out some fun activities for the next few weeks (especially now that it's legitimately becoming spring!) to help stave off that level of stress from creeping up on me again. 

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Cat said...

rest is such a good way to recover yourself. Good for you!