Monday, May 4, 2009


My mom purchased some new living room furniture recently and had it delivered this past Saturday, which meant that D and I "inherited" a new couch, recliner, and chest.  They were all welcome additions, as our living room was woefully lacking in seating, and now our sunroom has a place to sit as well.  With the new additions, however, we also found the motivation to rearrange our living room furniture and put up the sunroom decorations that have been languishing in storage since we bought this house a year ago.  We both commented on how much more "homey" our house feels now--more inviting and real, rather than continuing to look like a randomly-arranged college apartment.  

We celebrated by having a few good friends over and grilling out so as to utilize the porch and sunroom, playing board games, and watching a movie.  It was the first weekend since D started his new job (which means it was the first weekend in almost a year that he was actually home both days of the weekend), and it was a wonderful way to kick it off.  We both looked at each other when everyone left and pointed out that this was the kind of weekend we envisioned when we bought a house.  

It's strange the things that make me feel satisfied and accomplished in life, but if a little rearranged hand-me-down furniture does the trick, I'll take it and smile.  


Cat said...

Lovely post - congrats on the new -to - you stuff!


Link said...
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RockiBottom said...

It's the little stuff that matters MOST. Sounds like a great weekend!