Sunday, June 7, 2009

Good Day

You know it's a good day when you find a pair of shoes you've been eyeing forever for 1/5 of their normal price at a discount store.  

For those who may not know (read: everyone), I am obsessed with the quest for the perfect shoes.  I'm on my feet a lot, have horrible joints, and generally resign myself to the idea of wearing tennis shoes with dress pants if I'm ever going to live to the age of 50 without a hip replacement.  Enter Cole Haan, which has teamed up with Nike to make some heels.  Like the bastard child of comfort and beauty, they are a fabulous pair of shoes that look like your typical high heel, but feel like a running shoe when you put them on.  Seriously, this was a pair of shoes I was planning on splurging on when I got my first "real-life" paycheck after I graduate from grad school and have a real job--and rather than paying the upwards of almost $300 they're charging at the department store, I paid $50.  I think I'll wear them around for the rest of forever.  


Enigma said...

Nice! You must post a picture :) Sounds like it would be the perfect cure for my fussy feet.

Bernadine said...

Yay! I was at DSW this weekend and saw some great Cole Haan metallic flats with the Nike Air technology in the shoe... mmmm. I tried them on but even at DSW discount, $99 would have been silly that day. But I hear you-- they are nummlicious.
I can always go back. :)
Have fun with your CH's!