Friday, June 5, 2009

In which I catch up on the past weeks

Wow, I haven't written since when??  Oops.  Things got uber-busy the past few weeks. 

The drug test situation ended up working out fine, as I knew in my heart of hearts it would--D got hold of the office, spoke with the appropriate people, and got it rescheduled for a day when he is normally able to leave work early with no problems.  I took away from this situation a deeper realization of my need to trust my HP and leave D's stuff for D to worry about.  Which is nice, because when I have such realizations, I usually do a lot better not only in those scenarios, but in others as well.  Right now I'm focusing more on communication (my biggest weakness) and spirituality--making meditation time more of a priority.  Recovery is going well, and a beautiful thing.  I think one of the greatest gifts I have taken from my recovery thus far is the fact that there are still very rough times (see previous posts)--but they seem to pass so much more quickly now, rather than being a source of obsessive worry for so long.  It's easier now to remind myself that the hard times will pass just as the good ones do.  

The reason for the lack of posting has been that my littlest sibling graduated from high school a week (or so) ago, and I was called in to help support the family in all of the craziness that accompanied the final week--including, but not limited to: awards day, awards night, other sibling's other graduation from tech school, littlest sibling's birthday, graduation, and graduation party.  Then, the day after all that finally wrapped up, I started my internship and have been busy with that all week this week.  Good news:  I love the job so far.  I was nervous at first, unsure of my exact responsibility and requirements, but now things are feeling very natural and I feel like I'm doing a good job.  I'm learning a lot, and I enjoy my days (which fly by!)--it's nice to experience the feeling of something being right, being something I was meant to do.  I feel empowered when I come home each day, and I can't wait to actually work in this field in another short while.  I'm also able to get up when D does, which gives me extra time to get ready, relax, eat breakfast, meditate, etc. before leaving, which makes me feel more balanced overall, and I get home at a decent hour with time to spend on my own and with D in the evening.  

Wishing you all a happy weekend and a positive start to the summer!

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Sophie in the Moonlight said...

All good news!!!

Have a great weekend yourself!