Friday, April 24, 2009


My online COSA group has lately been having a lot of meetings that center on perfection--talking about the fact that many in the groups are perfectionists to the extent that it hurts us, causes us to pick apart our every waking moment and find all that is wrong with it, then feel ashamed that we aren't doing better.  Couldn't sum me up much better--I am a total perfectionist, and it has often brought me to really bad places when I turn that magnifying glass on myself.  

In conjunction with the perfection topic, another recent meeting focused on something similar, but far more difficult--loving ourselves.  Rethinking "perfection" as accepting who we are and where we are right now.  And in a recent meeting this spread into a topic of listing 5 things you liked about yourself.  Now for me, the ultimate perfectionist, I have an incredibly easy time telling you every single thing that's wrong with me--my flaws, imperfections, problems, qualities I lack.  Coming up with 5 things I like was actually more of a challenge than I thought it would be...but here they are. 

  • I love my eyes.  I love their color, their depth, and I think they really are (more than for others) a window to my soul. 
  • I love my intelligence and the places it's taking me. 
  • I love my athleticism and the fact that I can still do a lot of my old moves. 
  • I love the attitude I get when I dress up in heels and mascara and walk confidently into a room--for whatever reason. 
  • I love the part of me that is developing into a more confident and content person. 
It is so warm today that I'm not going to waste one more minute sitting inside on a computer--heading out to the deck for some sunshine.  Happy Friday, everyone!

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Cat said...

Hope your weekend was great!